I am Elizaye, formarly known as Tuikkis - a comic artist and a filmmaker. I used to have more content here, but decided to save this domain as a place where you can easily find me around the internet.

If you like my artwork, please, feel free to Become my Parton and get rewards. It will help me pay bills and get food. Or if monthly donation isn't for you, simply...

Warning: Commission info might not work well with Opera.

My secondary portfolio.

Pretty active here. Good way to follow my art.

This is where I very active and you have a great chance to see my gore artwork. All gore/nsfw is under a mature tag.

For Tumblr users this is nice way to follow my art, but sadly I am not active there anymore.

This is the page where I have no idea what I should post, but I post art anyway!

Picarto.TV is a place where you can follow me and see me livestream.
Mostly I stream drawing and digital painting but occasionally gaming.

You can find videos between Earth and Heaven.

Get prices such as avaibility to see my projects and sketches. You can also reguest what you wish to get!
You can always start with 1 $ /month, rise or lower anytime.

or if monthly thing is not for you,

Feel free to go see the prices on my journal or see them below. When you are ready to order, send me email.
Before ordering go see my Terms of Service.

Commission info

  • One additional character depends on order. Exp. for fullbody sketches is around + 18
  • Complexity add might be around + 6 or more.
  • All pictures start off as no bg / simple bg expect for scene. Depending on complexity bg add price will variate.
  • NSFW costs more (price depends on what you order).
  • Client will get the full resolution picture.
  • A sketch is showed before further progress.
  • Payment in euros via PayPal.
  • Please be patient with me on big works.
  • If there is something I don't know or have experience, I will study it.

What I can draw

  • Humans and humanoids
  • Feral and anthros
  • Monsters / fantasy creatures
  • SFW, gore and NSFW
  • OC and FanArt
  • Custom designs

What I won't do

  • Things what mock religion
  • Copy another picture or tracing

Before commissioning me, remember to read Terms of Service. The price might change depending on what you are asking. These prices are only giving the idea what it might be.


- Bust 13
- Waist up 17
- Knee up 22
- Full body 26


- Bust 18
- Waist up 22
- Knee up 27
- Full body 31


- Headshot 10
- Waist up 15
- Full body 20


- Bust 40
- Waist up 55
- Knee up 60
- Full body 70


A scene is a picture with at least 2 characters and a background. You can choose if painted or colored sketch.

Starting price:
For colored sketch 50
For painted 100


- One pose 31
- 2 poses 60
- 3 poses 90

Please note that designing a custom character from written description will add extra charges. Commissioner will get both shaded and base colored versions.


One side 80
Two sides 140

Mail me if you are interested!


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