I am Elizaye, formarly knewn as Tuikkis - a comic artist and a filmmaker, currently studying in New York Film Academy. I used to have more content in here, but decided to save this domain as a place where you can easily find me around the internet.

If you like my artwork, please, feel free to Become my Parton. It will help me evolve in talent and pay bills. Also of course as a patronist you can give suggestions what to create next. Or simply...

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If you are an employeer or simply curious to see an easy way my art, feel free to go my portfolio. If you need to contact me, you can find it in there.

This is where I am most active and you have a great chance to see my gore artwork. If you do not like gore, do not worry! I use mature tag on them.

For Tumblr users this is nice way to follow my art. Sadly I cannot warn for the gore ones, but I tag them such as #gore, #blood or #dark.

This is the page where I send less gore. Feel free to like my page!

Picarto.TV is a place where you can follow me and see me livestream.
Mostly I stream drawing and digital painting but occasionally gaming.

Please notice some of the videos are really old. Videos on top are recent and bottom ones oldest in each header. Go to my YouTube channel to see more videos! There is also let's plays.

Yukicon 2017
Cosvision 2016
Tracon 2015

Helsinki Design School (2017)

New York Film Academy 3 week workshop at Disney World Resort (2016)

Undyne is made in 2016.
Nightmares is made in 2014. Notice the music is weirdly looping in the end.

Get prices such as free tutorials and see work in progress pictures. You can also reguest what you wish to get!
You can always start with 1 $ /month, rise or lower anytime.

Feel free to go see the prices on my journal or see them below. When you are ready to order, send me email.
Before ordering go see my Terms of Service.

Commission info

What I can draw

  • Humans
  • Animals
  • Monsters
  • Any fantasy creatures
  • Gore
  • Pinup
  • Romance
  • Anthro, furries
  • OC
  • FanArt
  • NSFW for now

What I won't do

  • Robots / mechas
  • Things what mock religion
  • Fetishes (oversized body parts etc.)

Before commissioning me, remember to read Terms of Service. The price might change depending on what you are asking. These prices are only giving the idea what it might be. One additional character add 15 to the price.


(colored 10 )


You can request a color map without any additional charges. Customs add +15 . More than one pose add + 10 to the price

CHIBI - 20



Background adds + 20

A SCENE - 70


Size: 3000 x 9000 px
Resolution: 300 or 1000

Mail me if you are interested!


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