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I am Tuikkis, a comic artist and filmmaker. If you like my artwork, please, feel free becoming my patron in Patreon. It will help me evolve in talent and share my art in a new way. I will gladly do what you wish to see; more original stories, fanart, video and animating, designs.. At the moment I am studying in Helsinki Design School filmmaking. Later I will see if I get the funds for New York Film Academy! My goal is to graduate as a movie director. It costs a lot of money and I hope you will support me with this.


If you are an employeer or simply curious to see an easy way my art, feel free to go my portfolio. If you need to contact me, you can find it in there.

This is where I am most active and you have a great chance to see my gore artwork. If you do not like gore, do not worry! I use mature tag on them.

For Tumblr users this is nice way to follow my art. Sadly I cannot warn for the gore ones, but I tag them such as #gore, #blood or #dark.

This is the page where I send less gore. Feel free to like my page!

At the moment I can only give you link to YouTube but I'm planning on showing animations and other projects in future.

Get prices such as free tutorials and see work in progress pictures. You can also reguest what you wish to get!
You can always start with 1 $ /month, rise or lower anytime.

Feel free to go see the prices on my journal or ask me through mail.
See my Terms of Service.

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